Fire & Carbon

Theft is only one kind of threat. Protect your home from environmental dangers such as fire, smoke and carbon monoxide.


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24/7 smoke, heat and carbon monoxide monitoring.

  • Approximately 1,800 fatal residential fires are reported to U.S. fire departments each year and cause an estimated 2,635 deaths, 725 injuries and $196 million in property loss
  • An estimated 500 Americans die each year from accidental exposure to carbon monoxide and another 15,000 are forced to seek medical attention
  • Our monitoring can detect dangerous levels of heat, smoke and carbon monoxide and alerts our Alarm Response Center within seconds
  • Fire and carbon monoxide monitoring works round-the-clock – even when your alarm is disarmed

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Moving Soon?

Our customers move free!* If you’re moving into a new home, Monitronics sets you up with a new security system, including undisturbed monitoring service.

Fire and Heat Detectors

Early detection is critical to keeping your home safe. Fire and heat detectors monitor your home at all times, even when your alarm is disarmed. 

Fire and Carbon Monoxide: Two Deadly Intruders

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 3,000 people die in the United States every year as the result of house fires or carbon monoxide poisoning. Tens of thousands of additional victims suffer injuries ranging from moderate to severe. The fact is that fire and carbon monoxide are two deadly intruders you need protection from.

Monitored smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in your home give you around-the-clock protection. When an alarm is triggered, the system emits a loud noise to warn occupants to get out of the home immediately. In the meantime, our monitoring center springs into action, notifying local first responders on behalf of our customer.

The importance of fire and carbon monoxide monitoring cannot be underestimated. Accidental house fires often occur at night, leading some people to be injured or killed because they never wake up. As for carbon monoxide, it is an odorless and colorless gas that can be deadly in a very short amount of time.

No home security system is complete without fire and carbon monoxide monitoring. Be sure to include it in a new system or have your current system upgraded right away.


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